Flash Security Statement

Flashbaseball.org has made Internet Security a top priority. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. We use the latest technology available to ensure the security of your online transmissions.



All account information and transactions performed during a Web Connect or Mobile Banking session, as well as all information submitted via our online forms, is encrypted. Flashbaseball.org uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) technology provided by VerisignTM Secure Site Certification. SSL encryption technology protects information you submit or receive through Flashbaseball.org's site during a secure session, by ensuring that communication between your computer and our servers cannot be interrupted or intercepted by an unauthorized user. All precautions are taken to safeguard transmissions utilizing the most current technology available, however no representation can be made as to the security of these transmissions against the fraudulent or wrongful use of this technology. Secure pages at Flashbaseball.org's site will include the https:// prefix on the address of the page URL.


Personal information shared over the Internet can be used to commit fraud. One common method is for thieves to create a web site using a name that is similar to that of a reputable business, for example, by using a common misspelling of the company's name. The intent is to lure you into entering the copycat web site and giving personal information, including your account number and password. We caution you to verify with whom you are dealing over the Internet and to understand what will be done with your personal information. Always check that you have typed the correct web site address and have entered the site you intended to do business with, prior to submitting personal data. For details on steps you may take to protect yourself, we suggest that you review guidelines provided in Safe Internet Banking published by the FDIC. Many, but not all, fraudulent web sites will use pop-up windows to ask for usernames and passwords. The Flashbaseball.org website does not use pop-up windows for login purposes.


Flashbaseball.org requires that your browser support SSL in order to access Web Connect, Mobile Banking and our secure on-line forms and applications. Secure session information and transactions will never be stored on your hard drive unless you specifically download and save them on your computer.

Each browser provides a way to view the digital certificate information during a secure session, so that you may verify the security of that session.

Internet Explorer: Double click the small lock symbol located on the bottom right of the browser window.

Mozilla Firefox: Double click the small lock symbol located on the bottom right of the browser window.


It is strongly recommended that you have a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware on your personal computer. It is important to  keep all your computer software updated. This also applies to software and firmware upgrades for your cell phone if you use mobile banking. Many items have an impact on secure communications. For example,  your operating system, web browser, anti-virus/spyware, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash and Java are frequently updated with the latest security patches.


Flashbaseball.org uses firewall technology to allow entry only to those with proper authorization. A firewall is a security system that regulates and acts as a shield for data transmitted into or out of a network. It checks to make sure that communications only occur between approved individuals and that the communication is in the proper protocol.


Flashbaseball.org's security systems constantly monitor the web server to ensure that your information is secure.